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‘Stefanie Rummel's choice of songs will evoke memories, collective and personal, even if they are not sung in our home language. Stefanie’s ability to connect to her audience through songs is both charming and seductive. Chansons delivers a simple but moving message: it is through songs that we are finally able to understand each other’ Helen Tope, BroadwayWorld

‘Rummels' contagious and warm behavior quickly drew the audience into this hour-long performance. She has an amazing ability to switch from singing in English to singing in French without the audience even noticing. When singing in French, Rummel used many hand gestures and facial expressions that helped translate what she was singing for the listener… Rummels' voice is very unique. With notes of classical Piafs and characteristic vibrato, his alto voice has a beautiful warmth and maturity. She sings with wonderfully clear diction and has excellent pitch and breathing control. The vocal timbre of Rummels is perfectly adapted to this classical French music” Ben Stefanoff, Glam Adelaide 

"And when the musical chameleon first breathes Brel's ballad "Ne me quitte pas" into the microphone for the finale of her one-woman show and then encourages the audience to sing along without restraint with her gospel show-down, these are just two of the many highlights of an intimate evening of cabaret put together with much love."  Offenbacher Post  

"Evergreens like "Amsterdam", "L'accordéoniste" and - at the end - "Milord" made the hearts beat faster, as the stormy applause showed. Without encore the duo was not dismissed and gave the audience still "La vie en rose."  Rheingauer Echo  

The song Art " about the effect of art on us," Rummel explains. Art, she says, is a source of inspiration, of meditation, of feeling, of reflection, of creating strength. "This is more important than ever." Frankfurter Neue Presse  

“Developing stories that touch people with singing and your own music, and thus winning prizes, is a wonderful gift,”
World Today News 

“The Reykjavik Fringe Festival re-open its doors this year presenting as one of the highlights the Musical French Cabaret: "Chansons". “Understanding each other is key in our global world. With this show we understand each other just a little bit more.” Broadway World Iceland  

Presented as part of the MarshStream Solo Arts Heal series, Stefanie Rummel's one-woman musical show, Chansons, takes audiences on a whirlwind tour of different countries, highlighting the benefits of getting to know other cultures.
Broadway World San Francisco 

Frankfurter Neue Presse - Michael Frost:

 "With a Maria Magdalena (Stefanie Rummel), who presented her confessions of love convincingly and confidently." 
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung  

 "I want to go to Hollywood", the trained musical actress convincingly belts out to her audience. It is not difficult for the audience to believe her." Kölner Rundschau  

"Now the musical singer Stefanie Rummel from Frankfurt has also shown her talent to the television audience: In the competition ... from the hr3 for the "Hessian Lion" she has reached the finals. " Frankfurter Neue Presse  

"Stefanie Rummel as sister Maria Amnesia, suffering from amnesia, thrilled the audience with her brilliantly played naivete and liveliness." Darmstädter Echo  

 "She (the jury) had .... named Stefanie Rummel from Frankfurt as the second winner because of her excellent presentation." Südhessen Viernheim 

“Stefanie Rummel, a clumsy novice, Sister Amnesia and the C.S. to be highlighted as sister Leo. The two singers set the highlights of the piece ... Stefanie Rummel, who is also outstanding as an actor..." Mannheimer Morgen

Frankfurter Neue Presse 08.11.2019

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