Stefanie Rummel - Six-time winner of the German Rock & Pop Award 

Frankfurt, 16.12.2023: The internationally successful chanson singer and musical actress - Stefanie Rummel, has received six impressive awards at the 41st German Rock & Pop Award 2023. The award ceremony, organized by the German Rock & Pop Musicians' Association, honors the six-time award winner and Rummel's exceptional talent in the music industry.

1st prices: Chansons, World Music & Lyrics

2nd prices: Best German Solo Singer & Best Composer

3rd Price: Best Singer Songwriter

Stefanie Rummel's triumph includes two first prizes in the categories "Best Chansons" and "Best World Music Album". These awards are proof of her remarkable vocal quality and musical versatility.

The chansons for which she won first prizes will be featured in her show "Chansons - Piaf, Brel & Me" in a 10-day engagement at the @TGI Adelaide Town Hall (Australia). This musical cabaret was highly praised with 4 stars each by the press LondonTheatre2 and TheReviewHub. It has already made a lasting impression on Australian audiences this year and has been invited back for 2024.

Over the past two years, Rummel's musical journey has taken her to impressive venues worldwide, including the UK (Edinburgh), Australia (Adelaide), Germany (Berlin), Iceland (Reykjavik) and even to the remote shores of Greenland on the cruise ship MS Amadea, calles also the dreamboat.

As a singer and songwriter, Rummel writes her own songs and captures moments of joy, wonder and humanity. It is therefore no surprise that she won first prize in the "Best German Song Lyrics" category and second prize for "Best Composition" at the German Rock & Pop Awards. Her ability to create music that touches people on a deeper level stands out. This allows her to further establish herself as a singer and creative in her field.

With her own chansons, she secured third place in the main category "German Singer-Songwriter Award 2023". The additional attention and recognition from this award strengthens her profile in this music scene.

But it gets even better: she was awarded second prize in the coveted "German Singer Price 2023" as "Best Solo Singer".  This prize highlights Stefanie Rummel's extraordinary talent even more.

Stefanie Rummel was placed highest twice in the main competition categories of the German Rock & Pop Award 2023.

Receiving a total of six awards, including three first prizes, two second prizes and a third prize, marks a significant milestone in Stefanie Rummel's artistic career and reflects her commitment to pushing creative boundaries.Global Music Awards - Silver Medal 2022 - Ne me quitte pas 

  • Intercontinental Music Award - Amsterdam - Finalist 2022 
  • German Rock & Pop Price 2009, 2012, 2017, 201, 2021 (5x) 

          1x Chansons - 2. Jazz singer, Music Video, Folk, 2x 2. Best Musical CD 2. , 3. Best Musical Theatre Singer    

  • Semifinalist 5x  times Munich Music Video Award, International Music Video Award.... 
  • Nominations: Best Producer of the Year 2021, Best Player, Best Musical, Theatermaker Choice 2022 
  • Governmental Competition: Musical Theatre  - 3./ regional - finals    
  • Estrel Stars Contest - 4th place, Liza Minnelli (Berlin)    
  • Television Contest - 2. place, 7. place (live)  
  • German Magician Championship - 2nd & 3rd place, 6th and 7th place