Stefanie Rummel

Stefanie Rummel

People type me

Award winning singer, character actress, dancer and magician who performs in German, English and French:

People type me in the following order as a mom or wife, the best friend and confidantor as an intellectual and a leading woman, a dreamer or a regular girl and a neighbor. 

My character shows various sides: a warm and loving one, the workaholic, the life of a party and the wallflower which makes me quite versatile. 

Professionally people expect me to work in the creative business as an artist, writer, art sales, decorator, musician, florist or photographer. Many see me as a teacher, college professor, doctor, boss social worker or therapist. 

Some think I could be journalist, activist, librarian or business person… Some strong renown actresses came in peoples mind when they tried to find somehow resembling actress in this order: Meryl Streep 19, Lisa Kudrow 13 (Friends),Jennifer Arniston 5, Barbra Streisand 3, Helen Hunt 3, young Helen Miren 2, …. 

Many thought I would be a character actor 20, television actor 20, movies actor 14 or sitcom 14 or a comedy actor 12…


5,7 foot tall, dark blond long hair, blue eyed, (Caucasian) European with a natural, unique look.

This talented woman is academically well-educated and has a high emotional intelligence. 

It is very important to her to create a value for people through her artistic and intellectual skills. 

She is known for her energy and expressiveness in the performing arts such as a singer, actress, dancer and coach. 

With compassion she creates visions to inspire other people and reaches successfully out to make a difference. 

She gives life an extra squeeze. 

Types: of a creator, caregiver, talent/ best friend, mom, wife, confidant, intellectual, dreamer 

Jobs:  – Writer or artist, teacher or professor, therapist, journalist, musician